A true forest paradise for children is the 2.5-kilometre “Ameisenstraße” nature adventure trail in the south of Bodenmais, which is also suitable for baby carriages. If your child is old enough, they can playfully explore nature at 27 stations, guided by a funny blue ant - whether on the large seesaw, on the tree pyramid or on the trail. And when the little ones are tired, they can take a rest in the baby carriage.  

The offer to experience the forest in a playful way is aimed at the very youngest children; initially rocking gently on the pram-friendly footpath, soon crawling as they feel the forest floor, then as a challenge as they take their first steps and finally practising and gaining confidence in motor skills such as balancing, climbing or hanging. 

Fun for young and old

Vater, Mutter und Kleinkind stehen an einem kleinen angelegten Wasserrad und beobachten den Wasserfluss. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

On the 2.5-kilometer-long, pram-friendly nature adventure trail, 27 stations are waiting to be explored - from the cone throwing station to the tree disc pyramid and viewing platform.

Eine Mutter hält ihre Tochter im Arm, sodass diese mit dem Wasser in einem Wassertrog spielen kann. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH
Ein Vater hält seine kleine Tochter an der Hand. Sie geht über einen Barfußpfad neben dem Waldweg. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

How to find us

The Ameisenstraße parking lot is just a few minutes' drive from the center of Bodenmais. Alternatively, you can take the Waldbahn, which departs from behind the tourist information office, to the Böhmhof stop every hour and set off from here to Ameisenstraße. The local bus also runs regularly to Böhmhof. Travel is free with the Bodenmais guest card.