Discover the two highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the Bavarian Forest with the wildly romantic Rißloch waterfalls and the fairytale-like Hochfall.

These hiking trails are purely summer hiking trails!

The Rissloch

The highest waterfall in the Bavarian Forest

Over a length of 1.6 kilometers, the Rißbach overcomes 260 meters in altitude. The Arberbach, Schwellbach, Kleinhüttenbach and Wildauerbach rivers unite in the gorge to form the Rißbach, which cascades down in several stages to form the highest waterfalls in the Bavarian Forest. With their five main steps, the Rißloch waterfalls have a total height of 55 meters, the main fall is 15 meters high. Along the path to the Rißloch waterfalls, information boards of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park point out many special features of the flora and fauna of the nature reserve. However, it is particularly worthwhile to pause for a moment and take in the rushing water and the sounds of nature.

The Hochfall

Second highest Waterfall

With its approximately eight-metre-high waterfall, the Hochfall is considerably smaller than its big brother in the neighboring Rißloch, but it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots around Bodenmais. The water plunges down into an almost circular water basin, a so-called "Gumpe". Over many, many years, probably thousands of years, the water has carved its way into the hard gneiss here and carved out trough-like channels in such a way that the striped arrangement of the rock minerals becomes particularly clear. The beautiful layering of the Arbergneiss is shown to its full advantage. It then flows under the wooden bridge before plunging another few meters into the depths.


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