Guest card, GUTi and aktivCARD

What is the aktivCARD?

The aktivCARD Bavarian Forest offers you 130 free services in the Bavarian Forest. From museum admission to a visit to the zoo or e-bike rental, everything is included. You can get the aktivCARD from your aktivCARD host. It is not freely available for purchase.


Can you buy the aktivCARD?

No, the aktivCARD is only available from your aktivCARD host


What services can I take advantage of with the aktivCARD?

You can find all included services here. You can also obtain a flyer with all the services from the Bodenmais Tourist Information Office.


How do I get my guest card?

You can get the guest card from your host. It also functions as a GUTi, which allows you to travel free of charge on buses and trains in the GUTi network. Click here for the timetables.


Does a hiking bus operate in summer?

Yes, you can see the current timetable here.


Where is the train station in Bodenmais?

The train station is located behind the new town hall (Bahnhofstraße 56, 94249 Bodenmais).


Where can I park for free in Bodenmais?

There are four public parking lots in Bodenmais, which are free of charge for Bodenmais guests with a guest card. To do this, you have to give your license plate number when you register with your host and you will then receive a parking ticket. All further information and prices can be found here.


When and where can I travel by train?

The Waldbahn RB37 runs every hour from 8:29 am from Bodenmais station to Zwiesel. Here you can change trains and continue in the direction of Bayerisch Eisenstein, Plattling or Grafenau. You can find a detailed timetable here.


Is there a ski bus in winter?

Yes, the ski bus runs to the Silberberg valley station, the activity center at Bretterschachten as well as the Großer Arbersee and the Großer Arber valley station. You can find the current timetable here.


Can I reach the Rißloch waterfalls by car?

No, you can only get to the Rißloch waterfalls on foot. You can park at the Rißloch hiking parking lot and follow the Bo66 hiking trail from there. This is only a summer hiking trail.


Can I reach the Hochfall waterfall by car?

No, you can only reach the Hochfall on foot. Cars can be parked at the Klause hiking parking lot. Then follow hiking trail Bo60, which is only a summer hiking trail.


Where can I get my summer/winter hiking map?

You can obtain the hiking map free of charge from the Bodenmais tourist information office on presentation of your guest card. Alternatively, you can order it to your home for a fee.

Tourist offer

Are guided hikes offered?

Yes, most of our guided hikes are free of charge with the Bodenmais guest card. For visitors without a guest card, we charge €10 per person. You can find an overview of current dates here.


How can I book a Woid Woife hike?

Our Woid Woife hikes are reserved for Bodenmais overnight guests. The accommodation booked must be specified when booking. External visitors cannot take part in the hikes. Bookings are made via the Bodenmais Tourist Info.


Do I have to register for the courses at the Vital Center?

No, you can simply come to the course. Please take your guest card with you. For our vacation guests, the offer from the Vitality Center is free of charge. You can find the current course schedule here.


When is the mine open?

You can find the current opening times here.


What are the conditions on the Bretterschachten?

You can find the current snow conditions daily from 8:30 am in our snow report.


What are the conditions on the ski slopes?

You can find the current snow conditions daily from 8:30 a.m. in our snow report.


Does a ski bus run in winter?

Yes, the ski bus runs to the Silberberg valley station, the activity center at Bretterschachten, the Großer Arbersee lake and the Großer Arber valley station. You can find the current timetable here.


Um was handelt es sich bei echt bomoas?

echt bomoas steht für Tradition und für das Handwerk. Teilnehmende Betriebe können ihre regionalen Produkte oder auch Dienstleistungen unter diesem Namen anbieten und somit ihre Einzigartigkeit unterstreichen. Mehr Infos findest du unter 


Wo kann ich in Bodenmais Lebensmittel einkaufen?

In Bodenmais befindet sich zentral ein Rewe sowie ein Aldi. Beim Dorfbäcker gibt es neben echt bomoas Backwaren auch einen kleinen Edeka nah & gut, der auch sonnatgs bis 9:30 Uhr geöffnet hat.


Gibt es in Bodenmais eine Apotheke?

Ja, die Marien Apotheke befindet sich in der Bahnhofstraße 63.


What is echt bomoas all about?

echt bomoas stands for tradition and craftsmanship. Participating businesses can offer their regional products or services under this name and thus emphasize their uniqueness. You can find more information at 


Where can I buy groceries in Bodenmais?

There is a Rewe and an Aldi in the center of Bodenmais. At the village bakery there is a small Edeka nah & gut, which is also open until 9:30 am on Sundays.


Is there a pharmacy in Bodenmais?

Yes, the Marien Apotheke is located at Bahnhofstraße 63.