Who receives a guest card?

Every overnight guest in Bodenmais receives a guest card from their host for the duration of their stay.

Hinter dem Außenbecken des Saunaparks steht eine Blocksauna. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

Here you get discounts with your guest card:

  • Silberberg indoor & outdoor pool with sauna area
  • Silberberg archery arena (from May - end of October)
  • Historic visitor mine in the Silberberg
  • Small Arbersee cable car
Ein Mann mit Rucksack läuft auf einem Schotterweg, der umrandet ist von blühenden Sträuchern, Büschen und Bäumen. Er läuft in Richtung Bahnstation, in die gerade ein grün-gelber Zug, die Waldbahn, einfährt. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

All this is included for you during your vacation in Bodenmais:

  • 6 guided hikes a week with our experienced hiking guides
  • Guided e-bike tours with professional guides
  • Use of the well-signposted hiking trails, mountain bike trails, cross-country ski trails, snowshoe and ski tours around Bodenmais
  • Hiking or cycling map and our hiking book
  • Guest magazine and Bodenmais village map
  • Concerts, events and top events organized by Bodenmais Tourismus & partners
  • Participation in the wide range of courses at the Vitality Center (around 25 courses per week)
  • Free travel on the Bodenmais local bus
  • GUTi-Ticket: free travel by bus and train in the region (including the forest railroad and hiking or ski bus)
  • ​​​​​​​Parking fees in certain parking lots

Why a visitor's tax?

The visitor's tax is used 

... for our large and varied network of hiking trails and to maintain our mountain bike trails
... to maintain the Bretterschachten cross-country skiing center and the associated trails
... to finance the hiking and ski bus as well as the local bus
... for offering over 400 guided hikes and e-bike tours for our guests free of charge
... to operate the Silberberg indoor and outdoor pool and the Vitality Center
... to keep our beautiful spa park and many other green spaces and the entire village in good condition
... to organize and carry out a variety of free events throughout the year
... to operate the tourist information center with its wide range of services for guests and hosts
... to provide free public parking spaces for guests
... to maintain the Altes Rathaus cultural center
... to initiate ideas and projects for the further development of tourism in Bodenmais
... and much, much more!



Markt Bodenmais is a state-recognized climatic health resort. State-recognized health resorts and resorts can levy a (daily) spa contribution from people staying in the municipal area for spa and recreational purposes. The spa fee and daily spa fee in Bodenmais are currently charged per day of stay:

  • Adults: 3.60 euros (daily spa fee 3.20 euros)
  • Children and young people from the age of 6 up to the age of 16: 1.80 euros (daily spa fee 1.60 euros)
  • For severely disabled persons with a degree of disability of 100 percent: 1.80 euros (daily spa fee 1.60 euros)
  • Children under 6 years are free of charge!

Stand 11/2023

The GUTi guest card is automatically included in every Bodenmais guest card.

Ein gelb-grüner Zug fährt zwischen einem Waldstück und einem Fluss. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH


Gästeservice Umweltticket | © aktivCARDLogo: All inclusive, aktivCARD Bavarian Forest

Thanks to your GUTi guest card, you can travel environmentally friendly and free of charge by bus and train in the entire Bayerwald-Ticket fare zone! So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed excursion to the neighboring towns of Bodenmais - and it's completely climate-friendly too! In keeping with the motto "The journey is the reward", a train ride along wild waters and through wonderfully dense forests is an absolute highlight! You can find all current bus and train timetables here.

Eine Frau und ein Mann betrachten einen Busfahrplan. Der Mann deutet mit seinem Zeigefinger auf eine Zeile. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH
Eine Frau und ein Mann in Wanderklamotten laufen mit einem Husky zu der offenstehenden Tür eines Linienbusses. An dessen Frontscheibe steht: 6198 Arber Bergbahn | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

aktivCARD  Bavarian Forest


aktivCARDLogo: Alles inklusive, aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald | © aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald REIF Systemtechnik

In Bodenmais, every overnight vacation guest automatically receives their own personal aktivCARD Bavarian Forest from the participating hosts, which is part of the official Bodenmais guest card. This unique card means that many of the attractive leisure services are free of charge during your vacation in Bodenmais. The aktivCARD can be redeemed at sports and hiking events as well as ski lifts, swimming pools and museums. Experience the vacation diversity of the Bavarian Forest and save up to € 1300! You can also find more information about the aktivCARD Bavarian Forest at:

Where can I get the aktivCARD Bavarian Forest?

You and every single fellow traveler will receive your personalized aktivCARD free of charge from your aktivCARD Bavarian Forest host on arrival for the entire duration of your vacation. All services are also valid on the day of arrival and departure.







How much does the aktivCARD Bavarian Forest cost?

Your personal aktivCARD Bavarian Forest is free of charge for you as an overnight guest in Bodenmais.

Which hosts offer the aktivCARD Bavarian Forest?

You will only receive your aktivCARD and the included services from these hosts!