Discover the wonderful nature of the Bavarian Forest together

In and around Bodenmais, the natural beauty of the Bavarian Forest is waiting to be explored together. Whether it's the Silberberg, Großer Arber, Rißloch waterfalls and Hochfall or the Großer and Kleiner Arbersee - you can hike to all of these fantastic destinations together with your family. Bodenmais also offers you two exciting and informative themed trails, the pram-friendly “Ant Trail” and the nature discovery trail “Woif Woide's World”, to learn about the forest and its animal inhabitants in a fun way.

BODENMAIS CHILDREN'S BOOK Edi and the journey to the mysterious silver mountain


Das Bodenmaiser Kinderbuch "Edi und die Reise zum geheimnisvolle Reise zum Silberberg" mit Schatzkarte Produktfoto. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

Getting children to read, learn and be outdoors is often not easy. With the new Bodenmais children's book “Edi and the Journey to the Mysterious Silver Mountain”, everything is now possible at once. The book tells an exciting story about Edi the squirrel, whose trail families can follow with their children.

to the children's book

Ein Paar steht zusammen mit einem Kleinkind in der Kindertrage auf dem Rücken des Vaters auf einem Gipfel und blickt in die Ferne. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

Hiking with a toddler

Here we reveal our most beautiful hiking tours with a baby carriage or baby carriage


Back carrier | Length: 1,1 km | Walking time: 1 h

Bodenmais' local mountain, the Silberberg, is a real adventure mountain and should not be missed on any Bodenmais vacation. Equipped with a Kraxe (child carrier), the 955-metre-high summit can of course also be climbed with children. We recommend our “Gipfelsteig” tour, which starts at the Silberberg valley station. You can get here either free of charge with the hiking bus or with your own car. Starting in the village, the journey takes just a few minutes.

The short, 1.1-kilometre hike leads past the old tunnels up to the middle station, where you will pass the Bergmannschänke, the fascinating caves at the “burnt-out place” and the impressive “Gottesgab” surface mining site. The route finally leads up to the summit of the Silberberg via narrow paths. Together you can enjoy the fantastic panorama over Bodenmais and the Zellertal valley or look across the Brandtner valley into the Bavarian Forest National Park. The hike to the summit takes just under an hour with a Kraxe. You can either take the chairlift back to the valley station or hike down via the middle station on easy paths (then it's a good 2 kilometers in total). Both the Bergmannschänke and the Silberberg-Alm offer baby changing facilities and adventure playgrounds.


Stroller | Length: 1,5 Kilometer | Walking time: 45 min

The Großer Arbersee was formed during the last ice age around 10,000 years ago and is now one of the most beautiful lakes in the Bavarian Forest. Together with your child, you can discover the Großer Arbersee on a wild and romantic 1.5-kilometre circular hiking trail, which has been designed to be barrier-free. Along the lakeshore, you can marvel at the impressive primeval forest-like flora and exciting fauna together. The “floating islands” of fescue grass and the imposing, 400-metre-high Arberseewand with its small waterfalls offer an unforgettable natural spectacle. The tour with baby carriages takes around 45 minutes to an hour - depending on whether the little ones want to walk a bit themselves. After you have experienced the magical atmosphere of the lake together, you can stop off at the cozy Arberseehaus and enjoy some Bavarian delicacies. Enjoy your time together with a view of the lake - whether on the large sun terrace or in the restaurant with its expansive panoramic windows. The Arberseehaus also has baby changing facilities and an adventure playground.

As a Bodenmais vacation guest, you can take the hiking bus from Bodenmais to the Großer Arbersee free of charge with your guest card. Of course, you can also get there by car (journey time around 15 minutes). The parking lot at the lake is subject to a charge.


Stroller | Length: 5 km | Walking time: 2 h

To the highest waterfalls in the Bavarian Forest with a baby carriage? Yes, that is possible! The starting point is at the clubhouse of SC Bodenmais at the Klause. You can get here comfortably and free of charge with the Bodenmais local bus. Turn right along a comfortable forest path into the wild and romantic Rißloch Gorge (simply follow the signs for “Rißloch Waterfalls”). The forest road is followed by a beautiful, relatively flat forest path. Nevertheless, we recommend an all-terrain baby carriage. A wonderful mixed forest, which becomes more and more like a primeval forest, shines here in the most varied shades of green. Enjoy the fresh forest air together and let nature work its magic on you. After around 2.5 kilometers, you reach the Rißloch waterfalls, which at 55 meters are the highest in the Bavarian Forest. The main fall alone measures an impressive 15 meters. A few steps before the waterfall, the path becomes a little rooty. Here we recommend putting the baby carriage down for a moment and marveling at the roaring masses of water with your little one in your arms. After you have admired the Rißloch waterfalls, take the same route back to the starting point. Use the local bus again or return to the village with the baby carriage. Please note: There are no refreshment stops or baby changing facilities along the way. Please remember to bring sufficient food and a changing bag with changing mat!



Back carrier | Length: 4 km | Walking time: 2 h

The second highest waterfall in the Bavarian Forest, the Hochfall, can also be hiked with the little ones in the Kraxe. This hike starts at the Klause hiking parking lot, which is just a few minutes' drive from Bodenmais. From here, you can follow the “Hochfall-Runde” tour (number Bo60). The route leads through shady mixed forest along beautiful forest paths and narrow trails to the imposing, eight-metre-high Hochfall. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots around Bodenmais. The water of the Moosbach stream plunges into an almost circular water basin, a so-called “Gumpe”. Over thousands of years, the water has carved its way into the hard rock. From a wooden bridge, you can enjoy the family fun together and marvel at the natural spectacle. Take in the mighty masses of water and linger for a few minutes. The way back is via Scharebenstraße back to the hiking parking lot. Please note: There are no refreshment stops or changing facilities along the way. Please remember to bring sufficient food and a changing bag with changing mat!



Back carrier | Length: 4 km | Walking time: 2,5 h

Our tip for all young parents who like it sporty: From the rustic Schareben mountain hut, you can take your child and backpack up to Heugstatt, one of the most idyllic peaks in the Bavarian Forest. You can get to the starting point at Schareben by car from Bodenmais (journey time around 20 minutes). There is a parking lot for hikers right next to the hut. From here, follow the signs to “Heugstatt”. The relatively steep 2-kilometre climb is rewarded with a fantastic view over the vastness of the Bavarian Forest. Past seemingly endless blueberry bushes, you reach the summit with its striking wooden cross and colorful prayer flags. Enjoy the unique view here! The way back is the same as the way there. Back at the mountain hut, a well-earned break with Bavarian delicacies awaits. Baby changing facilities are available here.



Back carrier | Length: 4,6 km | Walking time: 2 h

Just like the Großer Arbersee, the Kleiner Arbersee is also a relic of the last ice age. It lies quietly at the foot of the Großer Arber. The lake is surrounded by a magical atmosphere. From Bodenmais, you can drive your own car to the hikers' parking lot at the Mooshütte (journey time just under 25 minutes) and set off from here to the Kleiner Arbersee. Alternatively, you can take the hiking bus to the Arber valley station, from where you can also hike to the lake (this option is slightly longer).

Both routes lead through shady forests, but the paths are easily accessible with a Kraxe. Once you have reached the Kleiner Arbersee, a leisurely, approximately 1.5-kilometre-long circular trail leads through wonderful mountain forest once around the lake. The “floating islands” floating on the water are particularly impressive. The lake and the surrounding forests are a real natural treasure. Otters and beavers are once again at home here. The shy and endangered capercaillie, the heraldic animal of the Bavarian Forest, also finds refuge in the adjacent forests. A cozy refreshment stop awaits you in the Seehäusl directly on the shore (changing facilities). Enjoy the naturalness and idyllic atmosphere of the Kleiner Arbersee together.




Stroller | Length: 5 km | Walking time: 1 h 45 min

The Hochzellberg offers one of the most beautiful views of Bodenmais and the surrounding expanses of the Bavarian Forest. This magnificent vantage point is also easily accessible with a baby carriage. The starting point is at the Bretterschachten activity center. As a Bodenmais vacation guest, you can get here free of charge on the hiking bus. Alternatively, you can get here in your own car (there is a charge for parking in the hiking parking lot), which takes around 10 minutes.

At Bretterschachten, follow the signs for “Hochzell-Panoramablick”. Follow the forest roads through the wonderful high forest with the baby carriage. After around two and a half kilometers, you will reach the Hochzellblick. Marvel at the impressive views and enjoy a leisurely family snack on the benches. The way back to Bretterschachten is the same as the way there. Please note: There are no refreshment stops or changing facilities along the way. Please remember to bring sufficient food and a changing bag with changing mat!




Stroller | Length: 2,5 km

A true forest paradise for children is the 2.5-kilometre “Ameisenstraße” nature adventure trail in the south of Bodenmais, which is also suitable for baby carriages. If your child is old enough, they can playfully explore nature at 27 stations, guided by a funny blue ant - whether on the large seesaw, on the tree pyramid or on the trail. And when the little ones are tired, they can rest in the baby carriage.

The Ameisenstraße parking lot is just a few minutes' drive from the center of Bodenmais. Alternatively, you can take the hourly Waldbahn train, which departs from behind the tourist information office, to the Böhmhof stop and set off from here to Ameisenstraße. The local bus also runs regularly to Böhmhof. The journey is free with the Bodenmais guest card.




Stroller | Length: 5,9 km | Walking time: 2 h

This leisurely family hike with a baby carriage starts at Böhmhof. You can easily get here from Bodenmais with the Waldbahn or the local bus. From Böhmhof, follow the signs for the “Schwellweiher-Runde” (tour number Bo63). The tour leads along beautiful forest paths through wonderful mixed mountain forest. Enjoy the pure forest air and the relaxing tranquillity. The highlight of this circular tour is the idyllic Schwellweiher pond - a real insider tip! Let nature work its magic on you and enjoy the silence. A snack table invites you to linger. A beautiful forest path leads back to the Böhmhof. Please note: There are no refreshment stops or changing facilities along the way. Please remember to bring sufficient food and a diaper bag with changing mat!