Trail running is a mixture of sport and nature experience - and is very much in vogue. The paths, trails and peaks around Bodenmais offer the perfect conditions for this

Standing on the summit after a strenuous mountain run, gazing into the distance, being free and enjoying the happiness of the summit: that's trail running around Bodenmais. Trail running is an ambitious mix of sport and nature experience. Over hill and dale and through forests and meadows, trail running takes you up to the most beautiful peaks. The Bavarian Forest with the Großer and Kleiner Arber, the Rachel, the Falkenstein or the Lusen and Bodenmais with the Silberberg offer the perfect conditions for endurance sports. There are so many different and varied routes. Trail running is also easier on the joints than normal running on asphalt.

 So put on your running shoes and head up to the peaks of the Bavarian Forest!