Put on your hiking boots and set off into hiking bliss!

Vom gegenüberliegenden Ende blickt man über den See auf das weitentfernte Arberseehaus. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH


Endless forests, beautiful peaks, tranquil mountain lakes and breathtaking views - this is the largest forest landscape in Central Europe: the Bavarian Forest. And right in the middle of it all, at the foot of the Silberberg, lies Bodenmais. The incomparable nature begins right on the edge of the town. Bodenmais is the starting point for exciting hikes. Just a stone's throw from the town center, in the wildly romantic Rißloch Gorge, the Rißloch waterfalls - the highest in the Bavarian Forest - plunge into the depths. Just around the corner, the Hochfall roars. Bodenmais' local mountain, the Silberberg, towers above the village and offers breathtaking views from its summit. The large and small Arbersee lakes are mystical and mysterious. And the king of the Bavarian Forest, the 1456-metre-high Großer Arber, watches over everything. There is sure to be a suitable hike for everyone.

Ein Paar steht zusammen mit einem Kleinkind in der Kindertrage auf dem Rücken des Vaters auf einem Gipfel und blickt in die Ferne. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH
Ein Mann trinkt am trinkt am Kleinen Arber während des Sonnenaufgangs aus einer Tasse. Im Hintergrund ist der Große Arber zu erkennen. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

Hiking with the whole family

In Bodenmais, even the youngest children can discover the wonders of the forest while their parents enjoy the beautiful landscape. Adventures together, fresh mountain air and the ease of the pram-friendly routes create memories that will last a lifetime.

Everything you need for a family vacation in Bodenmais
Die obere Kaskade des Hochfall-Wasserfalls landet in einem fast kreisrundem Becken. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

Wild water

Discover the wildly romantic Rißloch waterfalls and the fairytale-like high waterfall



Your hiking pass

The Bodenmais hiking badge can be earned by any hiker who has achieved the required number of points. The stamp fields and the points distribution can be found in the Bodenmais hiking book.



Children up to 12 years

Bronze 300 200
Silver 600 500
Gold 1200 1000
Laurel 1800 1500
Hiking king 2500 2000
Hiking champion   3000 2500

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