Whether music, sport, culture or tradition: there is always something going on in Bodenmais! 

Bodenmais is an event location. Our calendar of events is full of musical, sporting and culinary festivals, markets and events throughout the year. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter - there's always something going on in Bodenmais. And we also uphold our traditions and customs.

Whether traditional events such as the raising of the maypole, our folk festival, the Bennofest, the deafening spectacle of the wolf release, the midsummer bonfire on the Silberberg or the Perchtentreiben. Musical and culinary events such as the Gnock' im Park, the Wine Festival and the KulturBummel. Or sporting events such as our many guided hikes, the hiking highlight "The Challenge" or the legendary "ArberBlitz" ski race - there is a suitable event for everyone in Bodenmais.

And in between, there are always smaller events such as hut evenings, brewery tours or veal sausage seminars.

Highlights Our top events in the areas of music, culture and sport

Kulturzentrum  OLD TOWN HALL