Out and about with the “wildlife whisperer” and hiking guide from Bodenmais

The leaves rustle softly underfoot. Birdsong echoes through the treetops. The Bavarian Forest, that is Woid Woife's world. This seasoned man with his beard, ice-blue eyes, felt hat and checked cotton shirt is a true Bodenmais original. Everyone in the village knows him, the animal rights activist and author who is now well-known throughout Germany. His love of nature, the books he has written and his appearances on radio and television (including “Anna und der wilde Wald” or on Arte and Bavarian television) have made him famous.

Woid Woife is said to be a “wildlife whisperer”. And indeed, when you see how he interacts with the animal inhabitants of the forest, how he gets closer to them than anyone else, you really believe that he can talk to his furry and feathered friends.

Protect what you love!

Nature is the home of the man with the friendly, hearty disposition. It is close to his heart. The Waidler regularly leads hiking groups into the forest. He literally opens the eyes and ears of the participants. Was that a black woodpecker, a great spotted woodpecker or the lesser-known three-toed woodpecker? Is that a lizard or a dormouse rustling in the grass? Woid Woife knows the answer! There are always exciting things to discover on the way with him. What exactly? You can never tell at the start of a tour. The special attraction of a hike lies precisely in getting involved - in the secrets of the forest.

WOID WOIFES HIKES Exclusively for Bodenmais overnight guests

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Woid Woifes World

The nature discovery trail

The nature discovery trail “Woid Woifes Welt” is located directly below the Silberberg and is dedicated to the Bodenmaiser “Wildtierflüstere”. Over 1.5 kilometers, young and old can immerse themselves in the wonderful world of the forest. There are 12 exciting stations to discover. All stations are marked with information boards explaining the local nature and the interplay between animals, plants and people in a child-friendly way. Becoming a “nature explorer” on your own and without a cell phone, playfully roaming through forests and meadows and learning a lot in the process: that is the idea behind the trail. Highlights of “Woid Woifes Welt” include a water adventure world with Kneipp pools and a boardwalk over a wetland biotope. There are also many other exciting and interesting stations, such as the “insect swarm” or the “forest whisper”.

I wish you would learn to love the forest like I do, because you only learn to protect what you learn to love.

Nature lover Woid Woife

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Der Woid Woife hält etwas in der Hand was die drei Mädchen um ihn herum betrachten. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

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