Previously, building applications were submitted via the Bodenmais market. From 01.01.2024, the previous submission procedure will change:
All applications must first be submitted to the Regen District Office. For all digitally submitted applications, this is done automatically via the BayernPortal. Paper applications must either be handed in at the post office of the Regen District Office or sent by post to the general address (Poschetsrieder Str. 16, 94209 Regen).


The Bodenmais market will no longer accept building application documents from 01.01.2024!


The municipal administrations will be informed about the application and involved by the Regen District Office. As before, the municipal consent to the building application is an unconditional prerequisite for approval.


Further information is available online at (keyword: "digital building application") or by calling 09921/601-227.

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