Step by step, you make your way through the wintry forest. Snow, ice and wind shape the trees into mystical figures. The sun makes the snow crystals sparkle. Ski tours are becoming increasingly popular - even in the Bavarian Forest. And for good reason: wintry Bodenmais is a paradise for ski tourers.

Designated routes with signposting according to German Alpine Association (DAV) standards make it possible to enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered forests and peaks - without any risk of avalanches. For example, climb the roof of the Bavarian Forest, the Großer Arber, via the picturesque Rißlochschlucht gorge or the beautiful Mittagsplatzl. Once at the top of the King of the Bavarian Forest, at 1456 meters above sea level, the view sweeps over the white expanses.



Eine Frau mit dicker Jacke und Skibrille steh auf einer Skipiste. Der Himmel ist strahlend blau. | © Bodenmais Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

The approximately eight-kilometre-long touring descent is unique. It starts at the Großer Arber and leads past the Chamer Hütte to the Silberbergbad in Bodenmais. This is unique in the Bavarian Forest, if not in the whole of Bavaria!

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