We introduce you to the ten most beautiful natural spectacles

Every vacation region has them: the sights that everyone should see at least once. We'll show you what they are in Bodenmais here. Look forward to idyllic forest lakes, peaks with breathtaking views or magical waterfalls.


Anyone spending a vacation in Bodenmais must have stood on Bodenmais' local mountain, which is 955 meters high. From the summit, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the town and the neraby Zellertal valley. The light on the mountain is particularly magical at sunrise or sunset. The Silberberg is also a real adventure mountain and offers a historic visitor mine, a nostalgic lift, a toboggan run, playgrounds, an archery course, the highest bar in Bodenmais and much more.


With a total height of 55 meters, they are the highest waterfalls in the Bavarian Forest: the Rißloch waterfalls. Hiking them through the wild and romantic Rißloch gorge is part of a Bodenmais vacation. The trail leads through dense and unspoiled mixed mountain forest. Pausing at the waterfalls to enjoy nature provides pure moments of happiness.


With a drop height of eight meters, the high waterfall is significantly lower than the Rißloch waterfalls, but no less beautiful for that. The water of the idyllic Moosbach stream plunges deep into an almost circular rock basin. From a small bridge, you have a fantastic view of the natural spectacle, which is surrounded by dense mixed mountain forest. The high fall can be reached on a short hike from Bodenmais

Großer Arber

At 1456 meters, it is the roof of the Bavarian Forest. This is why the Großer Arber is also known as the "King of the Bavarian Forest". Its summit plateau offers a 360° panoramic view of the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest. Numerous hikes lead from Bodenmais up to the Arber. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can take the free hiking bus for Bodenmais vacation guests to the valley station of the Arber cable car and travel up in comfort on the gondola. There are also cozy places to stop for refreshments at the foot of the summit.

KLeiner Arber

Although not quite as high, the Kleiner Arber is somewhat quieter and more unspoilt than the "King of the Bavarian Forest". Its 1384-metre-high summit offers a fantastic view over the vastness of the Bavarian Forest. In good weather, you can even see as far as the Alps. On the southern slope of the mountain is the Chamer Hütte, a rustic and cozy refreshment stop. The Kleiner Arber can be reached from Bodenmais or Bretterschachten on various hiking trails. The "Goldsteig" long-distance hiking trail even leads over the mountain ridge.

Grosser Arbersee

The Großer Arbersee is idyllic and magical at any time of day or year. Formed by glacial movements during the last ice age, it is now one of the most popular lakes in the entire Bavarian Forest. The 400-metre-high, steeply rising Arberseewand at the north-eastern end of the lake is impressive. An accessible circular trail leads through unique primeval forest and along the shore once around the Großer Arbersee. The Arberseehaus invites you to take a break.

KLeiner Arbersee

Just like the Großer Arbersee, the Kleiner Arbersee is a relic of the last ice age, formed around 10,000 years ago. It lies quietly at the foot of the Großer Arber. The lake is surrounded by a magical atmosphere. Its "floating islands" are particularly impressive.  A leisurely circular trail leads around the lake. Refreshments are available directly on the shore in the Seehäusl. The Kleiner Arbersee can be reached via various hiking trails, for example from Bodenmais, Brennes or the Arber valley station. The Kleine Arberseebahn cable car also runs from Lohberg to the lake.


The Harlachberger Spitze (914 meters) in the south of Bodenmais offers a fantastic view of the town and the Arber massif behind it. At the foot of the peak, idyllically situated in the middle of a large forest clearing, is the GutsAlm Harlachberg with its cozy beer garden and large restaurant. Anyone staying in Bodenmais should enjoy the tranquillity and idyll of the Harlachberg at least once.


The Mittagsplatzl between Bretterschachten and Großer Arber is an idyllic spot. From here, hikers can enjoy a spectacular view over the Großer Arbersee lake at the foot of the 400-metre-high Arberseewand and into the Eisenstein valley. The 1340-metre-high Mittagsplatzl is still considered an insider tip among nature lovers due to its solitude. Benches invite you to take a break and enjoy the views. It can be hiked from the Bretterschachten activity center, for example, where Bodenmais holidaymakers can take the free hiking bus.

Woid Woifes World

Discover beautiful nature, experience exciting adventures and learn something at the same time: this is made possible by the nature discovery trail "Woid Woifes World" at the foot of the Silberberg. The one and a half kilometer circular trail offers 12 interesting and educational stations and is a must for all families. The highlight is a water adventure world. Numerous information boards provide visitors with lots of interesting facts about the animals and plants in the Bavarian Forest. The trail is dedicated to the well-known Bodenmais "wildlife whisperer" Woid Woife. The start of the nature discovery trail is just a few minutes' walk from the large parking lot at the Silberberg valley station.